About Kleanzee

Kleanzee Streak Free Microfiber Cloth will make you feel great about cleaning any surface without using any chemicals. No more shame in your cleaning struggles.  Fall in love with your windows and mirrors once and for all.

With "Kleanzee" streak free microfiber cloth you will experience immediate results: no more streaks or smears on windows, mirrors or stainless. Kleanzee is chemical free, hypo allergenic, washable, bleachable and can be reused hundreds of times. Kleanzee is very easy to use: wet the cloth, wring it and wipe any surface.

“Kleanzee” comes with exceptional life time guarantee: Use it - Abuse it - If you don’t like it - you get your money back, No time limit.

You’ll love Kleanzee even if you’ve been cleaning for many years and settled for somewhat descent results or if you’re a cleaning addict that’s been looking for fast and best results with bragging rights.

What makes Kleanzee the best? We are passionate about cleaning and not just cleaning but delivering absolutely great results. Before introducing Kleanzee to global market, it went through extensive testing by people who are cleaning addicts to make sure cleaning results and cloth durability withstood harsh tests and delivered exceptional cleaning results. Testing was done on many surfaces: wide variety of windows and mirrors, car windows and interior, solar cell cleaning and polishing, airplane windows and interior, windows and interior on boats, TV screens, and many more.   

After initial launch in 2008, Kleanzee has been hugely successful with thousands of people in many different walks of life and in different countries. Ease of use and consistent superior cleaning results makes Kleanzee first choice for professional cleaning businesses, clean rooms and detailers, college & universities, stay-at-home moms and simply curious people in search of unique cleaning solutions.

If you have been or currently using chemicals or paper towels to clean your windows, mirrors and other surfaces, we would like to introduce you to the unique cleaning power of Kleanzee. Start enjoying your life with Kleanzee.

Kleanzee is very easy to use: wet – wring – wipe.