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The streak free cloth is the only way to clean stainless steel appliances. If you have cleaner buildup on the surface, you may need to clean a few times to remove it, but once clean, use nothing but a streak free cloth and water. Cleans easier, stays cleaner, you can spot clean without smearing and you will save a lot of time and money. 

I'd buy streak free for my stainless refrigerator and vent hood alone, but they are amazing on windows, mirrors, and for general cleaning. During the drought, I used one with a small bucket of water to wash the whole car instead of just cleaning windows. I hope I'm never without them.
BG, Texas


This is an awesome product for boat owners as well. I have Strata Glass (like a vinyl material) and chemicals will ruin the clearness of the windows. This product cleans the windows very well without chemicals and my glass still looks like it is brand-new. I have bought many of these street free cloths and gave them away to my boating friends. We all love them!
KD, Tennessee


Every week I use my cloth on my mirrors. It is the only thing that I found that doesn't leave any streak marks. Everyone should have one or two.
MO, Ohio


I use the cloths on every suitable surface in the house: mirrors, stainless silver, granite counters, silverware, etc. Practically any shiny object. They are perfect and do not leave streaks. I recommend them highly. They are also thrifty and replace other cleaning products.
JA, Colorado


My fellow boaters can’t believe how well streak free cleans the windows on their boats!!
GC, Canada


I bought these for work, stainless steel washers, glass on washers and dryers, Bathrooms everything shines so beautiful. When they start to get old I use them for dust cloths works good for that also. Thank you so much for making my work simpler. I use them for home and in our R V
EM, Ohio


To clean car inside and out, windows, mirrors, bathrooms, walls, doors, furniture, cabinets, granite counter tops, appliances (stain and steel), galas , basically everywhere!
IP, Colorado


I'm a house cleaner I use it everywhere like appliances, windows, doors, glass, kitchen, bathrooms, walls, granite counter tops and more!
Vera, Colorado


I love the streak free cloth. I use it mostly on my windows indoor and outdoor. I especially like to use it on the inside of my car windows. Because when I'm sitting in my car I use to spray a cleaner onto a paper towel and then the spray would splatter all over. Now I don't have to worry about overspray anymore. Also like to wipe the water spots off my kitchen faucet with this product. Dish rag just leave's streaks. Love this product thank you.
TA, Missouri


It’s an amazing chemical free tool which cleans glass and other surfaces better than most of the other products. Very satisfied!
RG, Ohio


The streak free cloth is a time saving cloth I use on windows, mirrors, picture frame glass and my glass shelves. I like using environmentally free cloth rather than cleaning fluids.
MA, Illinois


I have private residential cleaning business. 
These cloths save time and energy. No chemicals! 
Lungs are not affected by chemicals. They are amazing! Happy to use in my house and recommend to the friends.
Love them!!!
AS, North Carolina


I use the cloth on my granite counters, stainless steel appliances, glass shower door, tiles, sinks and faucets, wood floor, mirrors and windows. Actually, I use them on most surfaces for cleaning because they not only clean but also make my granite and stainless shine like new. I bought a bunch of them because I like them so much that I give them to my relatives and friends who also love them.
VC, Virginia


I use cloths for cleaning house.



Mirror, windows, furniture, cars...Kitchen appliances

LK, Washington


I use the cloth on corian, marble, windows, the bathtub and will use it on the tile also. I have received it first from a friend and then bought it and gave it to another friend. I have had friends tell me about it who didn't know I have it already.

EP, Ohio


It made my life easier!!!!

EP, Washington


Windows,glass doors,clean great.



I use this cloth very often at home and at work .
I use for mirrors ,bathtubs , windows , and all stain steal appliances.
I am very satisfied , how it looks , and it's very(healthy) because I don't have to use all those smelly chemicals .
I very happy my friend introduced me to this cloth

IS, Oklahoma


I use the streakfree cloth for dusting, wiping glass and mirrors. To wash bathrooms and kitchens. It is the best cleaning product I have. I am extremely satisficed with the streak free results.



I love this cloth! The results are great. I don't need any chemicals, you just add water and wipe whatever you need.



I use them for the windows especially. They leave no streaks on windows.



I wipe all the furniture and it does not damage the surface of the furniture and cleans it very well.



I am a house cleaner and i use them for everything, starting from windows, mirrors, bath tubs, baseboards. They do not need any chemicals and clean the surfaces pretty good. I am very satisfied with this product. The Best.



I love, love, love the Streak Free micro fiber clothes you sell. They are the best. I bought 4 from my hairdresser, her son was selling them for a fundraiser. They are great, I use them for everything. I especially love them for my windows and mirrors, but I use them on everything in the house. I will never be without one again. 
Leslie N 
North Ridgeville, Ohio 

I have big windows at home and I have a handicapped child who likes to look out the window and leave her fingerprints on the glass. It was such a big job for me to keep up with cleaning those windows. One of my friends gave me this StreakFree microfiber cloth to try. I could not believe how easy it was to use the cloth to clean windows and it would take all the fingerprints off the glass without leaving any streaks or spots plus I only needed water no glass cleaners. Since then, I have been telling all my friends about this cloth and they all use it and love it too. I use these cloths to clean my entire house. Highly recommend this cloth to busy moms or anyone who likes to get the house perfectly clean in very little time.
Tamara, Virginia 

I am amazed and very excited about this product. Whoever does not have it yet, I hightly recomend it, getting StreakFree Microfiber cloth will never be a regret.
Megan L.

My Microfiber Cloth is great. I use it to clean the windows in my truck and to clean the interior surfaces. You only have to wet it with water and it leaves no streaks. My wife uses it on dusting and cleaning all surfaces in the home and again it leaves no streaking even on mirrors. Cleaning the cloth is also simple; just throw it in the washer and then hang it up to drip dry. We strongly recommend it to everyone.”

The Streakfree Cloth was my life saver. I was having a huge problem with getting my mirrors, windows and surfaces clean at home. Thankfully I remembered that I had a Streakfree Cloth and I tried to put it to the test. To my amazement it worked! I couldn't believe that the streaks were coming off with just a wet cloth and very light pressure! Ever since then, I haven't cleaned my house and car with anything else. No more smelly chemicals to ruin my health, skin, and furniture. No more wasting time trying to scrub a hole in my mirror just to get a stubborn streak out. Plus it's child safe because it does not require chemical use, just water! 
Atlanta, GA 

Want to make life easier and just use a cloth and water to clean!  I highly recommend streak free living cloths.  I have bought several and will give them as hostess gifts and to friends and family.  What a great way to clean without costly cleaning soluntions. Just follow the package directions.
Ontario, Canada